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Can I File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Online?

The legal process that a bankrupt person goes through at the bankruptcy court is not as simple as it may seem. Filing bankruptcy requires numerous procedures, such as undergoing the required bankruptcy counseling, taking the means test, or preparing a payment plan that will run for three or five years. If you are currently considering [...]


How Do I Know If My Chapter 13 Has Been Discharged?

Filing bankruptcy requires a bankrupt individual to go through a serious legal process. This generally begins with bankruptcy counseling and taking the means test. Proceedings in the bankruptcy court, however, are not as simple as they may seem. For this reason, if you are presently considering bankruptcy, it is best to consult with a [...]


The Trustee’s Role In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of the most common debt-relief options that can help you wipe out your debts and restructure your finances. Several types of bankruptcy can help you solve your financial problems and pursue debt settlement. One of the most common bankruptcy types is the Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is also known as the [...]


How Do I Qualify for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Having to file for bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of. The current economic climate along with the pandemic has placed many Americans in dire financial straits. If your medical debt, credit card debt, and tax debt have become too unmanageable to pay off, bankruptcy filing may be the best option for you.  It’s [...]


Best Effort Repayment in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy code presents various types of bankruptcy, but if your intent is to file for personal bankruptcy, the bankruptcy chapter for you is either 7 (liquidation) or 13 (reorganization). If you want to be able to keep as much property as possible, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process is the better option. Under Chapter 13, [...]


Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearing

If you’re suffering from financial distress, you can find relief from the automatic stay offered as bankruptcy protection to debtors who filed for bankruptcy. While declaring bankruptcy is usually the last resort, it may just be the ticket to get you out of debt. It’s best to consult a bankruptcy lawyer for guidance on how [...]


Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Paying Off Your Student Loans. Congratulations on finishing your degree! Time to start “adulting” and begin it by paying your bills. One of the first bills you need to settle is your student loans, but where do you start? Know the basics about your student loan. Make sure you know who your loan servicer [...]