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What Happens in a West Virginia Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

This pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. Lack of employment and COVID expenses has overwhelmed many Americans with credit card debt, medical debt, and tax debt, among many others. If you’re facing financial hardship, filing for bankruptcy might be the way to get a fresh start at a secure financial future. Bankruptcy [...]


Bankruptcy Chapter 7: Current Monthly Income and the Means Test

With so many people filing bankruptcy year-round, a lot of questions on how to file bankruptcy cases are also being asked. People considering bankruptcy are often not familiar with what to prepare before bankruptcy, specifics of the actual bankruptcy procedure, and what they can look forward to after bankruptcy. As such, before filing, you [...]


Filing for Bankruptcy Chapter 7: What is the Means Test?

The bankruptcy means test dictates if a debtor is qualified to declare bankruptcy (and proceed with debt-settlement) under Chapter 7. Essentially, this bankruptcy process determines if debtors have enough disposable income (means) to repay and wipe out outstanding debts from creditors, thus the name. This bankruptcy procedure is generally for individuals with credit card [...]


No-Asset Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Can I file bankruptcy with no-assets? If you’re considering bankruptcy, one of the first steps you have to take is choosing among the various types of bankruptcy presented in the bankruptcy code. Generally, people who want to file personal bankruptcy do so under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you want a quick bankruptcy [...]


Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Paying Off Your Student Loans. Congratulations on finishing your degree! Time to start “adulting” and begin it by paying your bills. One of the first bills you need to settle is your student loans, but where do you start? Know the basics about your student loan. Make sure you know who your loan servicer [...]