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7 Common Questions About Declaring Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy laws can be quite confusing, but they are not impossible to get familiar with. Personal bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy, and business bankruptcy are among the most common terms you will encounter. This article will provide preliminary information on the different types of bankruptcy, which are appropriate for different individuals and circumstances. Look into your [...]


A Look into Bankruptcy Chapters: What is Chapter 7?

Consumer bankruptcy helps an individual resolve debt under federal court protection. There are several bankruptcy types suited for different circumstances. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy type will likely have unsecured debts (such as personal loans, medical bills, credit card debt, and others with no collateral involved) forgiven or discharged. The automatic stay will also give [...]


Bankruptcy Chapter 7: Current Monthly Income and the Means Test

With so many people filing bankruptcy year-round, a lot of questions on how to file bankruptcy cases are also being asked. People considering bankruptcy are often not familiar with what to prepare before bankruptcy, specifics of the actual bankruptcy procedure, and what they can look forward to after bankruptcy. As such, before filing, you [...]


Filing for Bankruptcy Chapter 7: What is the Means Test?

The bankruptcy means test dictates if a debtor is qualified to declare bankruptcy (and proceed with debt-settlement) under Chapter 7. Essentially, this bankruptcy process determines if debtors have enough disposable income (means) to repay and wipe out outstanding debts from creditors, thus the name. This bankruptcy procedure is generally for individuals with credit card [...]


Six Steps to Filing Bankruptcy in West Virginia

Are you struggling with overwhelming debt? Filing bankruptcy in West Virginia can provide the debt relief you’re looking for. Read on to learn how to file bankruptcy in West Virginia. 1. Choose the Type of Consumer Bankruptcy Before filling out your bankruptcy petition, you should first determine which type of personal bankruptcy you’re eligible [...]


Comparing Bankruptcy Chapters: Eligibilities and Benefits

If you are searching for debt relief, you should consider looking into the different bankruptcy chapters provided under the U.S. bankruptcy code. Each bankruptcy chapter suits particular individuals. As such, finding the right bankruptcy type for your financial condition will increase your chances of resolving your debt issues. Below you will find the list [...]


Suing Debt Collectors: When and How To Do It

Falling behind on mortgage or loan payments is hard enough as it is, but having debt collectors harass you constantly is something you shouldn’t have to deal with. Fortunately, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides consumer-protection from harassing phone calls and unfair practices. This federal act allows a debtor to report a [...]


Buying a New House After Filing Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy today won’t hinder you from buying a home soon. You may even apply for a home mortgage before your bankruptcy case is closed. Below is an overview of how the two most common types of bankruptcy influence your ability to apply for a mortgage, as well as a home buyer’s other options [...]


Information on the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test

For debtors who find themselves grappling to pay for outstanding loans, filing for bankruptcy (Chapter 7) is a good recourse. But before you submit your bankruptcy application and have debts discharged, you need to meet certain qualifications prescribed under the bankruptcy law. Who is qualified to file for bankruptcy? This post talks about the [...]