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Few situations can ever compare to the devastation of losing your home. Homeowners who are not able to make their monthly mortgage payments may face foreclosure actions against them by their lenders. Regardless of the reason for your financial hardship, such as medical bills, job loss, or other emergencies, foreclosure can be initiated by a lender once you start missing payments. You should seek advice from our Wheeling bankruptcy attorney and not try to handle this situation on your own. We are experienced in helping individuals retain their property and successfully avoid foreclosure.


You can take action to avoid foreclosure of your home. Many individuals are in need of alternatives to foreclosure. Our West Virginia foreclosure defense lawyer has the experience and resources to assist you. We have handled thousands of cases and are prepared to provide you with the help you require. During a free case evaluation, we can discuss the alternatives to foreclosure that may help you save your home.

Following are some of the defense options you may be able to take to save your home:

  • Reinstatement – making a lump-sum payment to stop a foreclosure
  • Forbearance – temporary agreement that suspends payments for a specific time period
  • Repayment plan – allows the borrower to combine past-due payments with current payments
  • Loan modification – allows the borrower to restructure the loan terms
  • Federal foreclosure – implemented by the United States government to help troubled homeowners


As you face foreclosure proceedings, your first step should be to obtain legal guidance. You may have additional options to those listed above if foreclosure proceedings have been wrongfully taken against you. We can stand by you and defend you during each step of the process. Our ultimate goal will be to stop the foreclosure before the sale of your home. For the experienced assistance that we offer, contact Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, L.C. at your earliest convenience and request a free case evaluation.

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