Is Student Loan Debt Too Much?

With nearly $30,000 average student loan debt per borrower, combined with a difficult job market, recent graduates are likely to become delinquent in repaying their student loan debt. This has dire consequences for credit ratings, as well as the acquisition of fees and increased interest costs.

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Student loan borrowers can run into trouble with their creditors in a few ways.

If you are struggling with the following, call us:

  • Falling outside the agreed student loan limits
  • Not following the repayment plan
  • Defaulting on the loan

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When you default on student loan debt, more than your credit score is affected.

Missing payments can lead to:

  • Garnishment of up to 15% of wages
  • Loss of government tax refunds
  • Lawsuits from government and private lenders

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We’re here to make sure that you emerge with your credit history intact as you navigate the waters of student loan bankruptcy. If you are facing student loan debt in West Virginia, Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, L.C. are here to help you start fresh.

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