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“We solve debt problems for people in Shinnston”

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Do you have medical bills that you can’t pay?

Do you have credit cards that are maxed out and you are struggling to make the minimum payment?

Do you have debt collectors calling at home and at work?

Are you just overwelmed with debt?

Many people continue to struggle with financial problems in Shinnston, WV.  Most people these days live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings. So, when a financial crisis hits, people in New Martinsville become quickly overwlemed with debt. Filing bankruptcy may be what you need to free yourself of your debt burden and get a fresh start financially. Folks who live in New Martinsville are good people. They work hard and they have a lot of pride. They often struggle with debt problems much longer than they need to. Bankruptcy laws were made to help good people like you solve debt problems. Don’t wait, call us today to discuss your options. We will take the time to explain how bankruptcy in West Virginia works and we will develop a debt solution plan that is best suited for your particular needs.

We’ve Helped Thousands of People in the New Martinsville Area Become Debt Free. Let Us Help You Too.

At Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, LC, we understand your situation and we are here to help you through this difficult time. We will make you feel comfortable and help you to make import decisions about your debt problems. We offer affordable debt solutions the people of Shinnston including Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

With one phone call to a Shinnston Bankruptcy Attorney you may be able to:

  • Stop foreclosure
  • Stop harassing phone calls for debt collectors
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Stop repossessions
  • Eliminate unsecured debt
  • Get debt free
  • Start sleeping at night again!

Relief from debt could be just a phone call away! Call our Shinnston bankruptcy lawyer

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Shinnston Bankruptcy Attorney

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“Solving Debt Problems for Our Friends and Neighbors in Shinnston, WV for More Than 30 Years”

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Discuss all of your options with a Shinnston Bankruptcy Attorney. We’ll take the time to answer your questions you’ll get some peace of mind. We can help to remove the stress and burden of your debt problems today.

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If you have come to the point of considering filing for bankruptcy in Shinnston, you have already realized your need for help from an experienced Shinnston Attorney. At Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, LC, we want to be the solution you require. We are well-versed in all relevant consumer protection laws and will be able to explain how they apply to your specific case. Keep in mind that there are solutions for your debt problems – and we are here to help create the best possible resolution for you.

If you are still wondering why you should hire a Shinnston Bankruptcy Attorney, consider the following:

  • The bankruptcy process is typically too complex to handle on your own
  • We can assist with credit restoration
  • We are prepared to go the full distance with your case in or out of court
  • We can assist with foreclosure issues
  • We can help you fight creditor harassment

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I had two occasions to work with Tom. First for myself to have will, etc done. I found him to be personable and easy to work with. He has a wonderful sense of humor that relaxes you and makes decision making easy. The second time I recommended a friend and she had me go with her. She needed to file for bankruptcy and he handled her case. She was very pleased and happy with how everything was handled. He was available to answer any of her questions. I highly recommend he and his office. A gold star attorney.

Penny H.

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